Crystal List by Physical Problems

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This listing is a high-level list of what crystals work with different physical ailments.  Any information on this site should not be used in place of seeking medical treatment.  If any symptoms continue to bother you, please either go to a clinic, see your doctor, or go to a hospital. 

Photography by Joern Blohm , Alison McCreery
and Dawn Grzena

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A ... (Amethyst)

Aches Aragonite; Phillipsite; Beudantite
ADD/ADHD Amethyst
Arthritis Amethyst; Black Obsidian; Black Tourmaline
AIDS Amethyst; Plume Agate; Petalite
Addictions Amethyst; Rose Quartz
Allergies Anatase; Dry Head Agate; Palermoite
Alimentary Canal Apache Gold; Pascoite
Acropobia Arthurite
Ambulatory dysfunction Arthurite; Axinite
Atrophy Baculites
Anemia Bloodstone; Prehnite
Autism Charoite
Autonomic Nervous System Chevron Amethyst
Altitude Sickness Cuprite
Artery issues Merlinite; Plasma Agate; Phosphorite
Acidosis Periclase
Anorexia Pumpellyite
Adrenal Glands Rose Quartz; Black Tourmaline; Aventurine; Axinite; Picrolite
Anxiety Selenite; Amazonite; Lepidolite
Asthma - Bronchial Tiger Eye; Azurite-Malachite
Abdomen Turritella Agate
Alzheimer's Disease  
Ankle Problems  
Arm problems  


Back Problems Citrine; Phlogopit
Bacterial Infection Acanthite; Penninite
Bile Secretion Biotite
Biliousness Pearl
Birth defects  
Birthing Process Ammonite
Blackheads (Pimples)  
Bladder Bloodstone; Amber; Prehnite; Proustite
Bladder Cuprite-Included Quartz
Bloating Zeolite; Pearl
Blood - coagulation Plancheite
Blood - Overall health Plasma Agate; Altaite; Angelite; Paracelsian; Perovskite; Purpurite; Benitoite; Blue Quartz
Blood Circulation Angelsite
Blood Clot - Elimination Rose Eye Agate
Blood Flow Facilitation Merlinite
Blood Flow-evenout Priday Plume Agate
Blood Micro-organisms Pyromorphite
Blood Pressure - High Tiger Eye; Priday Plume Agate; Labradorite; Bloodstone; Pietersite
Blood Problems / Diseases Bloodstone; Hemimorphite
Blood Purifier Brown Tourmaline (Dravite)
Blood Sugar Imbalances Amethyst
Blood Vessels Baculites
Body Flow - Overall Plume Agate
Body Fluid Movement Ocean Spray Agate
Body Temperature Pietersite
Bone Problems - Broken Tiger Eye; Apache Gold
Bone Problems - General Selenite; Zebra Rock
Bone Structure Aquamarine; Argentite
Bones Azurite-Malachite; Azurite; Zircon; Pumpellyite; Pyrite; Petzite; Phlogopit
Bones Dendritic Quartz; Abestos-Included Quartz
Bones & Fractures Pitchstone
Bowel Problems Brown Tourmaline (Dravite); Acanthite; Brasilian Agate; Woodward Ranch Plume Agate; Alurgite; Augelite; Pyrope
Brain - Fluid Balance Blue Lace Agate
Brain Disorders Labradorite
Brain Health Hemimorphite; Purple Sage Agate; Avogadrite; Azulicite; Papagoite
Brain Imbalance Holly Blue Agate
Brain Injury Hemimorphite
Breaks fractures Azurite-Malachite-Chrysocolla; Axinite
Breast Problems  
Breathing Problems  
Bronchial Asthma Clevelandite
Bronchitis Rose Quartz; Pyrolusite; Pyrite
Bruises Brasilian Agate; Plasma Agate; Purpurite

C....  (Citrine)

Calcium Deficiencies Selenite
Cellular Toxins - elimination Acanthite
Compulsive Behaviors Amethyst
Circulatory system issues Amethyst; Black Obsidian; Fire Agate; Plasma Agate; Augelite; Aurichalcite; Azurite; Azurite-Malachite
Cellular Disorders Annabergite
Cancer Annabergite; Azeztulite
Cleanser Argentite
Capillaries Baculites
Concussions Beryl
Cranial  Beryl
Catatonic States Bismuth
Cramps Black Obsidian
Cardiovascular system Bloodstone
Chest - Upper Disease Boleite
Cleansing Boulangerite
Circulation Brasilian Agate; Bustamite; Botryogen; Baculites
Cellular Disorders Bulerit
Contusion Bunsenite
Chicken Pox Childrenite
Capillaries - Small Dendritic Quartz
Central Nervous System Fire Agate
Coma Hemimorphite
Charlie Horse Jadeite
Colds Jet; Labradorite; Merlinite; Acanthite; Dry Head Agate; Moss Agate; Antimony; Bunsenite
Colon Laguna Agate; Stinking Water Plume Agate; Anthrophyllite; Carbon-Included Quartz
Congestion Ocean Spray Agate
Cerebral Cortex Palladium
Circulatory System Palladium; Picasso Stone; Abestos-Included Quartz ;Harlequin Quartz; Betafite; Blivarite
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Parisite
Childbirth Peridot; Pearl; Berthierite; Botryogen
CFS Petalite
Carpet Tunnel System Picasso Stone
Cuts Plasma Agate
Chickenpox Polka Dot Agate
Cellular Disorders Pumice; Picasso Stone; Petalite
Cancer Pumpellyite; Petalite
Chills Pyromorphite; Aragonite; Zaratite; Abestos-Included Quartz; Bloedite; Bunsenite
Chronic Fatigue Regency Rose Agate
Chest  Rose Quartz
Coughs Rose Quartz
Cellular Structure / Diseases Selenite; Hemimorphite; Herkimer Quartz; Astrophyllite; Auunite; Argentite; Azeztulite; Antigorite
Carpal Tunnel  
Cerebral Palsy  
Cold Sores  


Ductless Glands Adamite
Diabetes Analcime
Duodenum Anthrophyllite
Dexterity Baculites
DNA Beta Quartz
Digestion Black Obsidian; Moss Agate
Disorientation Black Tourmaline
Digestive tract Botryoidal Black Agate; Amethyst; Anthrophyllite; Augelite; Azulicite; Papagoite; Paracelsian; Pearl; Picasso Stone; Platinum; Pyrope; Basinite
Dyslexia Hemimorphite; Black Tourmaline
Dehydration Iris Agate;Ocean Spray Agate; Moss Agate; Annabergite
Dropsy Joaquinite
Digestive Tract - Lower Laguna Agate
Dermatitis Plume Agate


Emotional System - Dysfunctions Watermelon Tourmaline
Eyes - stimulate inner cellular structure Almandine
Endocrine Glands Amethyst; Picrolite; Pietersite; Green Quartz
Ear Problems Amethyst; Rose Quartz; Atelesite
Eyes - Cellular disorder Andalusite
Eyes Labradorite; Tiger Eye; Angel Wing Agate; Blue Lace Agate; Ellensburg Blue Agate; Fire Agate; Iris Agate; Moss Agate; Polka Dot Agate; Plume Agate; Priday Plume Agate; Chevron Amethyst; Anatase; Apophyyllite; Aquamarine; Atelesite; Pachnolite; Papagoite; Petalite; Peridot; Pyrolusite; Biotite; Biotite Lens
Endocrine System Limonite-Included Quartz; Blue Quartz
Elbow Problems Proustite
Emphysema Purple Sage Agate; Pumpellyite; Carbon-Included Quartz
Eyes - Cataracts Rose Eye Agate
Eyes - Retinia Damage Rose Eye Agate
Eyes - Tear Ducts Rose Eye Agate
Epilepsy Selenite; Jet; Antlerite; Jet
Ears - General Snakeskin Agate; Pachnolite
Estrogen stimulation  


Fatigue Amethyst; Turritella Agate
Flu Acanthite; Moss Agate; Antimony
Fibromyalgia Amethyst; Rose Quartz
Fatty Deposits Astrophyllite; Powellite; Beaverite
frailty Chrysoprase
Feminine Discomforts Cymophane
Frost-Bite Jeremejevite
Fungus infections Moss Agate; Periclase
Fluid Retention Ocean Spray Agate
Finger Problems Pachnolite
Fat Content removal from cells Parisite
Feet Problems Pectolite
Frostbite Pinakiolite
Female Problems Selenite
Fertility Selenite; Rose Quartz; Orbicular Agate; Arthurite; Pearl; Pitchstone; Basalt
Fever Zaratite; Pyrite; Brazilianite; Bloedite; Bismuth


Gas Pains  
Goiter Amber; Zeolite
Glands - Swollen Aquamarine
Genital Disorders Boothite
Glandular and lymphatic swelling Jet
Gout Labradorite; Black Tourmaline; Prehnite
Growth Treatment Orbicular Agate; Azurite; Pietersite; Carbon-Included Quartz; Biotite; Bunsenite; Berthierite
Gastric Perovskite
Gall Stones Pitchstone
Gum Problems Pyromorphite; Zebra Rock; Perovskite
Gray Hair  


Hand Problems Andalusite
Hair Disorders Iris Agate; Zincite; Phosphorite; Pectolite; Petrified Wood; Bertrandite; Beaverite
Hair Loss Aragonite
Hair Loss Regency Rose Agate
Headaches Amethyst; Merlinite; Rose Quartz; Amethyst; Chevron Amethyst; Pharmocosiderite; Parisite;Bixbyite
Healing - Overall Hemimorphite; Acanthi
Hearing  Snakeskin Agate; Amethyst; Apache Gold; Phantom Quartz; Bavenite
Heart - Energy Balancer Brasilian Agate
Heart - Stabilize pulse Brasilian Agate
Heart problems Rose Quartz; Black Tourmaline; Watermelon Tourmaline; Adamite; Holly Blue Agate; Mexican Lace Agate; Plasma Agate; Regency Rose Agate; Alabaster; Almandine; Amethyst; Angelite; Anyolite; Antlerite; Aventurine; Auunite; Zunyite; Zoisite; Zebra Rock; Pumice; Picrolite; Peridot; Beryl; Bustamite; Babingtonite; Beudantite
Heart Rate / Pulse Rate - Equilibrium Argentite
Heartburn Pyrope
Heartburn (Ulcers)  
Hemoglobin Angelite
Hemorrhages  Purpurite
Herpes Hemimorphite
High Choleserol Andesine
Hip Problems  
Hormonal Balance Betafite
Hormone balancer Labradorite
Hunger Pinakiolite
Hunger Suppression Apatite
Hunger-Decrease  Braunite


Internal Infections Moss Agate
Intestine - cleansing Alurgite
Inner Conflict Amazonite
Insomnia Amethyst; Parisite
Intestines Angel Wing Agate; Botryoidal Black Agate; Brasilian Agate; Laguna Agate; Stinking Water Plume Agate; Chevron Amethyst; Proustite; Peridot; Petalite; Baculites; Basinite; Botryogen; Carbon-Included Quartz
Immune System deficiencies Atacamite; Amethyst; Aegirine; Chevron Amethyst; Picrolite
Infertility Berthierite
Internal Organs Black Coral
Immune System - Strenthens Black Tourmaline; Dry Head Agate;
Immune System Boulangerite
Incontinence Cellular Renewal
Inner Organs Cerussite
Infections Chevron Amethyst; Angelite; Annabergite; Antimony; Arthurite; Petoskey Stone
Inflammation Palermoite; Pyrite; Boleite

J... (Jet)

Jaundice Holly Blue Agate
Jaw Problems  
Joint Problems Black Obsidian


Kidney Problems Bloodstone; Rose Quartz; Tiger Eye; Amber; Artinite; Pachnolite; Prehnite; Proustite; Cuprite-Included Quartz; Brandtite
Kidney Stones Bloodstone; Rose Quartz; Pitchstone
Knee Pascoite

L... (Lepidolite)

Left brain imbalances Amethyst
Left side of the body  
Leg Problems  
Legs Bertrandite
Leukemia Alexandrite
Leukemia Cuprite-Included Quartz
Libido Selenite
Limbs Ammonite
Liver Polka Dot Agate; Plime Agate; Rose Eye Agate; Almandine; Chevron Amethyst; Avogadrite; Azulicite; Basinite; Bustamite; Jasper
Liver Spots Chlorite
Lung Health Watermelon Tourmaline; Adamite; Angel Wing Agate; Ammonite; Chevron Amethyst; Aventurine; Avogadrite; Paracelsian; Peridot; Petalite; Pyrite; Palladium; Pachnolite; Psilomelane; Carbon-Included Quartz; Bustamite
Lung Problems Rose Quartz; Adamite; Zoisite
Lungs - Toxins Bityite
Lymphatic problems Jet
Lymphatic Swelling Jet
Lymphatic System Basinite


Male Reproductive System Penninite
Mammary Glands Braunite
Measles Polka Dot Agate
Medication Sensitivity Anatase
Membranes - Renew Bloedite
Memory Harlequin Quartz
Menopause Proustite
Menstrual Problems Jet; Labradorite
Mental Acuity Harlequin Quartz
Metabolism Labradorite; Amazonite; Anatase; Azurite-Malachite-Chrysocolla; Atelesite; Pyrolusite; Pietersite; Picasso Stone
Microbic Infections Boleite
Migraine Headaches Jet; Rose Quartz; Bustamite
Mind-Stabilize Atelesite
Mononucleosis Phlogopit
Motor Abilities Biotite Lens
Motor Capabilities Pascoite
Mouth Problems  
Mucas Membranes Boothite
Mucoid Formation Ocean Spray Agate
Multiple Sclerosis Chrysotile
Muscle Swellings Bloedite
Muscle Tissue -  Spasms Amazonite; Zebra Rock; Pumpellyite
Muscles Apache Tear; Aventurine; Axinite; Papagoite
Muscular Composition Bieberite
Muscular Relaxation Phlogopit
Muscular Spasms Basinite
Muscular Structure Phosphorite; Petalite; Basalt; Bulerit; Bustamite


Nails Iris Agate; Petzite
Neck Problems  
Nerve Disorders Angelsite
Nerve Impulse - Evenout Priday Plume Agate
Nerve Regeneration Watermelon Tourmaline
Nerves Bieberite
Nervous System Amazonite; Atacamite; Brown Tourmaline (Dravite); Botswana Agate; Dendritic Agate; Amethyst; Dendritic Quartz; Abestos-Included Quartz; Barite; Blivarite
Nervousness Amazonite; Watermelon Tourmaline
Neural Transmitters Angelsite
Neurological Tissue - Regeneration Alexandrite
Neuralgia Chalcosiderite
Night Vision Fire Agate
Nightmares Amythest
Nose Covellite
Nose Problems Botryoidal Black Agate


Ovaries Periclase
Olfactory System Altaite; White Coral
Osteoporosis Amazonite
Overall pain management Amethyst
Oxygenation of body Ametrine; Andalusite; Powellite
Optical Nerves Azulicite
Obesity Bertrandite
Odors Beudantite
Organs - Fleshy Botryogen
Organ regeneration - All Brown Tourmaline (Dravite)
Oxygen to blood Owyheeite
Otitis Tiger Eye


Pain / Pain Management Amethyst; Hemimorphite; Black Obsidian; Botryoidal Black Agate; Brasilian Agate; Dendritic Agate; Chevron Amethyst; Zunyite; Bustamite
Parasympathetic nervous system Adularia
Parathyroid Gland Artinite
Pineal Gland Aurichalcite
Pituitary Avogadrite; Pietersite;Proustite
Peripheral Nervs Berlinite
Paralysis Pain Berlinite
Parasitic invasions - Eliminate Bloedite
Physical Strength Bloodstone
Physical traumas Bloodstone
Post-Surgical Issues Bloodstone; Rose Eye Agate
Poisoning - physical, emotional, intellectual Botswana Agate; Zircon; Powellite; Beudantite
Posture Bulerit
Physical Growth Merlinite
Parasitic Infections Palermoite; Pinakiolite
Paralysis Paracelsian
Pneumonia Psilomelane
PMS Regency Rose Agate
Pancreas Problems Rose Eye Agate; Alexandrite; Almandine; Analcime; Chevron Amethyst; Zoisite; Brochantite; Bustamite
Prostate Problems Stinking Water Plume Agate; Proustite; Brochantite
Psoriasis  Tiger Eye
Prostrate Gland Zincite
Pink Eye  
Pituitary Gland  
Poison Ivy  
Poison Oak  


Quiver (Shake)  


RNA/DNA - correct Ametrine; Azurite-Malachite-Chrysocolla
Rib Cage Azurite
Respiratory Dysfunctions Braunite
Rheumatism Labradorite
Rheumatic Heart Disease Tiger Eye
Reporductive Organs Tiger Eye; Orbicular Agate; Purple Sage Agate; Woodward Ranch Plume Agate; Astrophyllite; Basalt; Beryllonite
Respiratory Ailments   
Rheumatoid Arthritis  
Right Side of the body  
Root Canal  

S... (Shiva Lingham)

Seizures Selenite; Astrophyllite
Sciatic Cats Eye
Sciatic Nerve Zircon
Secretory Organs Azurite-Malachite
Sensory Perceptiveness Angelite
Sexual Dysfunction Rose Quartz
Sexuality / Sex Pyrolusite; Pietersite
Shin(s) Problems  
Shoulder Problems  
Sight Bavenite
Sinus Problems Rose Quartz; Ocean Spray Agate
Skeletal Strucutue Bieberite
Skeletal System Petalite; Abestos-Included Quartz; Dendritic Quartz; 
Skin - Clear Stinking Water Plume Agate
Skin - Smooth Snakeskin Agate
Skin - Soft Complexiion Stinking Water Plume Agate
Skin Abrasions Bityite
Skin Disorders Phosphorite
Skin Eruptions Polka Dot Agate; Altaite
Skin Growth Plasma Agate; Brandtite
Skin Problems Selenite; Iris Agate; Amethyst; Azurite-Malachite; Zincite; Zebra Rock; Pumpellyite; Psilomelane; Pumice; Pyrope; Pinakiolite; Petrified Wood; Bustamite; Boleite; Beaverite; Brazilianite; Berthierite
Skin Tumors Paracelsian
Sleep disorders Amethyst; Augelite
Slipped Disc Pearl
Smell Priday Plume Agate; Bavenite
Smell - loss Pachnolite
Smoking Effects Merlinite
Snow Blindness Adularia
Soft Organs  
Solar Plexus  
Sore Throat Atacamite
Spasms Selenite
Speech Bavenite
Spine Problems /
Spinal Column /
Skeletal System
Merlinite; Priday Plume Agate; Woodward Ranch Plume Agate; Amethyst; Antigorite; Axinite; Azurite; Zircon; Perovskite; Beryl
Spleen Rose Quartz; Alexandrite; Zoisite; Peridot; Brochantite; Blue Quartz
Sprains Brasilian Agate
Stomach Jet; Angel Wing Agate; Snakeskin Agate; Turritella Agate; Amethyst; Perovskite; Bertrandite; Beudantite; Berzeliite
Strains Brasilian Agate
Surgery - stress Petzite
Surgery Recovery Bityite
Swellling Turritella Agate; Bunsenite; Berlinite
Sympathetic Nervous System Chevron Amethyst; Amethyst
Synapses Azurite

T... (Tiger Eye)

Teeth Problems Selenite; Amethyst; Apache Gold; Aquamarine; Azurite-Malachite; Zebra Rock; Phlogopit; Bieberite; Bulerit
Taste Babingtonite
T-Cell Count Argentite;Boulangerite
Temperature - Body Brazilianite
Tendoinitis Phosphorite
Testicle(s) Problems Lepidolite; Alexandrite
Thalamus Aurichalcite
Throat Atacamite; Tiger Eye; Adamite; Botryoidal Black Agate; Ellensburg Blue Agate; Holly Blue Agate; Purple Sage Agate; Amber; Angelite;Artinite; Atelesite; Antimony; Papagoite; Pyrope; Babingtonite
Thymus - Stimulate Chevron Amethyst
Thymus Gland Atacamite; Angelite; Antimony; Harlequin Quartz; Boothite
Thyroid Problems Herkimer Quartz; Boleite; Betafite; Babingtonite; Harlequin Quartz
Tissue - Inflammation Azeztulite
Tongue Perovskite
Tonsillitis Plancheite
Tooth Decay Amazonite
Touch Astrophyllite; Bavenite
Toxins Atacamite; Rose Quartz; Botswana Agate; Moss Agate; Antigorite; Antimony; Azurite; Zeolite; Paracelsian; Phosphorite; Carbon-Included Quartz; Barite; Beuantite
Tumors Pumpellyite; Petalite; Carbon-Included Quartz
Typhoid Fever Holly Blue Agate


Ulcers Azurite-Malachite; Peridot
Urogenital System Aventurine
Ulcerative Colitis Clevelandite
Urinary Infections Hemimorphite


Vertigo - alleviate Zircon
Viral Infections Acanthite; Chevron Amethyst
Vertigo Arthurite; Cuprite
Vertebrae Azurite
Vision Barite
Vitality - increases Black Tourmaline
Vagus Nerve Cuproadamite
Venereal Disease Merlinite
Vein disorders Merlinite; Botryoidal Black Agate; Dendritic Agate; Plasma Agate; Altaite; Petzite; Abestos-Included Quartz; Benitoite; Babingtonite
Vital Organs Mexican Lace Agate
Varicose Veins Rose Quartz; Betafite


Water Retention Analcime; Bloedite; Brochantite
Weight Rose Quartz; Augelite; Picasso Stone
White Blood Cell Count balance with Red Cell Count Plume Agate
Whole Body Wellness Polka Dot Agate; Almandine; Pharmocosiderite; Golden Healer Quartz; Blivarite
Wisdom Tooth, Impacted Selenite
Wounds Avogadrite; Purpurite
Wrinkles - reducing Rose Quartz; Snakeskin Agate; Stinking Water Plume Agate; Aragonite
Wrist Problems  




Yeast Infection  
Yellow Fever Chinese Writing Rock